Welcome to CSSL BD

As a prefabricated steel manufacturer firm, Composite Steel Structure Ltd. (CSSL) complies with the requirements of the national and international agencies.

  • Layout plan for the industrial building.
  • Civil engineering design
  • Prefabricated steel structure design & Constructions
  • Interior design & decoration
  • Building Architecture
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Process We Follow

We Satisfy our Clients

Within these general fields separately or collectively CSSL offers a wide range of services. These services cover all stages of project cycle i. e. planning, programming, designing, implementating, supervising, monitoring, reporting, contract management etc. More specifically, the services are comprised of:

We have great design mind.

We know how your project can be completed with beautiful view.

We have great Industrial Planning and Engineering and Management Consulting supports to complete your Project.

Our History

We Have long Background

Our Journey Started

We started our mission from 2014.

Our First Project

Navana Project.

Aviation & Defense Procurement

We are now in aviation & defense procurement.

First Construction

Reckitt Benckiser (BD) Ltd. 5 Storied Emergency stair.

RCC Construction

We provide rcc construction.


We Know How Can Satisfy Our Clients.